Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our family has grown by three...

...but only temporarily, and maybe not how you were thinking!

Our friend Alli is in between life phases. After spending several years teaching school in Addis Ababa, she returned to the USA to pursue some advancements in her education. Some life twists and turns occurred, and she and her little boys needed a place to hang out while waiting to move to St. Martin to pursue her medical degree. So... here they are in Ashland, Nebraska. Alli grew up nearby, so she isn't a stranger to the Great Plains. She is getting some time to study and we are enjoying having her and the delightful Zachary and Eyasu around the house.

 Zachary and Eyasu

We got to help Zach celebrate his third birthday!
Plus, Alli likes to bake... it's a win-win!

Eyasu, Tom and Miss Sylvia Kittywhiskens having a wrestle. 

Very sleepy Zach with Alli.

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