Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

This year was blazing hot for our July 4th festivities... not unusual for Nebraska in July, but stifling nonetheless. The kids managed to get in some swimming and lemonade sales early in the day, and after dinner, they got to try their hands at home fireworks. Littles only, as no big kids were home with us for the day.

First up, a safety talk by Daddy.

Candace has her punk ready to light her parachute.

And it's off!

Thomas retrieves the parachute.

Sarah and Thomas comparing parachutes.

Later in the day, we were joined by our family friends the Loughmans for some water fun and to watch the fireworks. The littles were very happy to see Evan... he's always willing to play with the kids and they love him.

Evan getting Thomas ready to go for a ride with him on the jet ski.

Evan and Candace

Evan and Sarah bringing the jet ski in.

Heather and Bill getting some pointers from Evan.

Bill and Heather

Heather swimming with the littles.

Sarah and her sparkler.