Thursday, February 9, 2012

Comfort object

This is my dad's shirt. It is currently on my body. I have worn this shirt at least part of every single day since my dad's funeral on December 20. (No need for concern; I have washed it frequently.) I sleep with it at night... I can't wear it, because as a woman of a certain age, I just find it's too hot. I like having it it to hold. My dad went to college at General Motors Institute in Flint, Michigan. It became just plain old GMI when General Motors divested itself of the educational business in 1982. Then sometime in the 90's it lost that name as well and became Kettering University. But to me, it is GMI and is forever associated with General Motors and my daddy.

This is my new favorite shirt. It's also a lovey or what is more scientifically called a comfort object. I guess that's okay. I like thinking that my dad's arms were in these same sleeves. There is some yellow paint on one of the sleeves where either he or my mom must have worn it while painting their house. I like that too.

I have been dreaming about my dad a lot. Usually they are comforting dreams that feature the daddy of my childhood. Sometimes they are sad. I like having a physical thing of my dad's to hold onto when I'm sad. I love my dad and I miss him so much. I'm glad I have his shirt.