Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nature that slithers... OR don't look, Mom

One of the things we have really enjoyed since moving out to the country is the variety of animals we see around our house... many types of waterfowl, bald eagles, deer, coyotes, raccoons, foxes and I even saw a badger recently. I have also grown to appreciate snakes. Yes, the slithery reptiles. We have them in rather abundant amounts around here. Usually the ones we see are fairly small garter snakes or bull snakes, but this afternoon Kenneth alerted me to this handsome guy sunning in our drive way. He's a large bull snake and harmless to humans, although I imagine he would bite if provoked. Definitely should help keep the invasive rodent population down as the fall progresses.

(The title is a warning to my mom. She doesn't appreciate nature of the herpetological variety.)