Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two months!

Today Candace Selam and Sarah Fikir have been home and part of our family for two months. I will say that the second month has been a lot easier than the first. Communication has improved by leaps and bounds as the girls learn more words and are using simple sentences in English. We have fewer blow-ups and tantrums as rules and expectations remain consistent. Bedtime continues to be a bit of an ordeal most nights though.

The very best development of the last two or three weeks is simply... love. I as a mom have fallen in love with my twins in a concrete way as opposed to the more abstract love we felt for them while we were waiting for them and right after we came home. I feel like an attachment is growing for them too and they feel a real connection and love for me.

That's nice. It makes me feel that eventually, everything is going to fall into place. I'm still tired, we still have some not-so-good days, but everything is going to be good.