Monday, August 29, 2011

Failure dreams

I dream very vividly, and I have many recurring dreams. Some of them are kind of funny, like the one I have where I'm on a flying scooter. Or sometimes I dream that I can jump or leap so high that it's almost like flying. I have this horrible recurring nightmare where I am in college and I just realized I never went to a particular class, I never dropped it and I don't even know where the room is located... and it's finals week. I've gone to several different colleges, and features of all the campuses show up in that one. Sometimes I dream that the pet mice we used to have have multiplied and taken over our basement, and I'm trying to cover it up. Plus the traditional "whoops, I'm naked in public" dream occurs in my brain fairly frequently.

Lately I've been having these disturbing dreams that I have decided to call "failure dreams". In these dreams, I end up in some situation where I have some impossible task to fulfill and I just can't do it. For example, in the one I had last night, I was somehow back in competitive gymnastics, only as my 48 year old self. I am informed that I need to learn all of the level 7 skills before such and such a time. In the dream, I'm pretty sure I can do the beam skills (back handspring in a series... huh?!) but there is NO WAY I am going to be able to get the bar routine. This sounds funny, but I am so stressed out when I wake up, it's horrible. Another one I have had involves me planning several party/fund raiser events and losing all the information but assuring everyone that it's FINE, and then there is one where I have to find my way home, on foot, from the farm my grandparents lived on in Indiana when I was under the age of seven.

Whew. Obviously, I have a lot on my mind. Psychoanalysis, anyone?