Monday, January 19, 2009

Ethiopian dinner

After church on Saturday evening, Tom had the great idea to go to downtown Omaha for dinner at what appears to be the only Ethiopian restaurant in town. It is called, creatively enough, "Ethiopian Restaurant." (I don't know why, but I thought that was funny.) It is attached to the East African Grocery. Anna was a bit suspicious, as she is the world's pickiest eater, but she actually tried five different things and liked three of them. Anna, Emily and I preferred the vegetarian dishes... lots of lentils. Tom liked the lamb and chicken. Everyone loved the injera bread. What a fun texture! Kenneth was working, so he couldn't join us, but he enjoyed the left-overs the next day.

We enjoyed chatting with the waitress, although she had somewhat limited English. We found out that her name is Selam, just like one of our twins. I also had her pronounce Fikir for Tom and the girls. It sounds so much prettier when spoken by a native Ethiopian.

We'll definitely go back sometime with our new daughters! :)