Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Photo Dump series... #6

The Hot Air Balloons

One fine evening after dinner, I glanced out the back window, and I saw this beautiful spectacle!  Hot air balloons gliding toward us... the silence of their flight occasionally punctuated by noisy blasts from the burners and bawling from the agitated cattle below, who were scrambling wildly to escape the shadows of these mysterious airborne beasts!

So pretty as they drift towards our house!

Several families in boats pulled up to watch.

 This one just kept coming closer...

...and closer!

The pilot yelled out, "Is it okay to land here?"  It was.

 His Re/Max buddy joined him a few minutes later.

 The kids got there on their bikes and our 4x4 just in time for landing number two.

It was pretty awesome.  :)