Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sister visit number two

Last week, my sister Teresa arrived with her two boys, Jeffrey and Noah. We are pretty lucky to get visits from two of my siblings in one month! I will see my third sister, my brother, my mom and my in-laws this weekend when we drive to Indiana for a reunion. It's great to be able to visit and get up to date on everything that has been going on in each others' families. In addition to the usual lake fun we provide to visitors, the outrageous heat drove us indoors to the Strategic Air and Space Museum, which is right here in Ashland. Omaha was the home of the Strategic Air Command of the USAF for many years, and there is a very impressive array of aircraft and other interesting exhibits.

Here are some photos of their visit, in no particular order since I was having trouble with the new Blogger interface.  

 My sister Teresa attempting to beat the 100+ heat.

 Thomas playing a game at the SAC Museum.

 Teresa helping Jeffrey with a game.

 Sisterly love.

 Teresa on the jet ski.

 Noah, Sarah, Thomas, Candace, Jeffrey and Emily

 Astro Jeff

Jet skier Noah

 Sarah and Candace piloting some type of lunar vehicle.

 Three boys taking a break.

 Jeffrey and the littles.

 Jeffrey loved the lake!

  Noah and Teresa