Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back home again in Indiana

Last Friday we took off on our annual summer trip to Indiana to visit with our extended family. It was just Tom and I with the littles this time around as the bigs all have jobs and have to work (yes, this is a good thing.) This year our visit coincided with the Newport family reunion, which is Tom's mother's family. It was fun for the littles to meet some relatives they didn't even know they had, as well as catch up with our more immediate relatives.

We were very blessed that the day of the reunion was pleasantly sunny and comfortable.  After weeks of sizzling high temperatures, we couldn't have asked for a nicer day to be outside.
 It's not a family reunion without a water balloon toss.
  Candace with cousin Becky, Sarah with me and Thomas partners with Uncle Andy.

 Cousin Paul in one of the sillier relay games
 concocted by Aunt Linda.

 Sarah and Candace ready for the ducky relay.

 Thomas awaits his turn.

Another fun thing we did was visit my sister Johanna in her classroom.  She teaches eighth grade math.  She showed us around her school... the littles were dazzled, as this middle school is much larger than any of the schools in our hometown of Ashland.

Aunt Johanna with the littles.

 One of the science teachers offered 
to show the kids his animal collection.
Here they are petting his python, 
Thomas and Sarah somewhat reluctantly.

We were invited to an ice cream social to meet up with some old friends from high school.  My sister Laura and her husband Richard drove in for the day to attend.  Which was crazy of them, but nice for us.

Me with Laura

I also managed to squeeze in a lunch with my oldest friend in the world, Kristen.   We met when we were teammates in club gymnastics, lo those many years ago.

Kristen and me

 Finally, we loved staying with my mom and her sweet little dog, Percy.  Mom had just returned from a Baltic cruise, but she let us descend on her home anyway... love you, Mom.

  Grandma Miles and Percy with the littles.