Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Photo Dump series... #5

Camping at Mahoney State Park

Our home away from home... the tent.

While Tom and I were putting up the tent, the littles confidently
 proclaimed they would make a fire with sticks.

They were successful.  (No, those cigarette butts aren't ours.)

They enjoyed cooking on their (enhanced) fire later.

We hiked up to the observation tower.
  You can just see Ashland on the horizon.

This nearby tree just cried out to be climbed on.

 We hiked through the woods and pretended we were using our survival skills.

Later, our travels took us through a beautiful botanical garden.

The prairie areas had beautiful wildflowers like these coneflowers...

... and all of these other colorful beauties!

Can it really be camping without miniature golf?

That was fun... on to the next activity!

Trail riding!

Excited first time riders!

 Finally, here come the horses...

 ...and away we go!