Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wedding bells are ringing

This weekend, we attended the second family wedding in the last month. This time I remembered to bring my camera, so I have some pictures of the event. This particular couple, Kristina and Brandon, are among the littles' favorite relatives. The bride is my cousin John's daughter. The littles were very happy to attend the wedding and hang out with the cousins. It's always nice to get to see the extended family, and we've had parties three times in the last few months to catch up with everyone!

The happy couple with the littles.

Me with my sweet Anna.

Candace caught the bouquet Kristina
 tossed just for her little girl guests.

My Anna and my cousin Connie's Anna... both freshman at UNL.
 They did not catch a bouquet, but they didn't seem too sad about it.  :)

Thomas and cousin Caden coming up with
 new uses for the table decorations.

Cousins Moira, Sarah and Candace hanging out.