Friday, December 2, 2011

Joy in small things

Thomas spent the morning running errands with me yesterday. Our first stop was Mommy's orthopedist, where I got some cortisone shots in both shoulders... not my favorite thing. Thomas was a concerned observer after enduring six vaccinations himself a couple of weeks ago. We also went to the bank. The teller gave me some things for Thomas: a balloon, a sticker and a mini candy cane. When I gave them to Thomas, he said "All this for me?" He could hardly believe his good fortune. We also went to visit a friend who works at a gift shop. Thomas was enthralled with the Christmas "socks" on display. I explained that they were called stockings and that he would get one with his name on it to hang up for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve. When we got home, by the magic of the USPS, it was there! Thomas was so excited... we decorated the mantle right away.

I love how the small things make his face light up... a sticker and balloon, a stocking and a candy cane. I hope that his sweet appreciation for the small blessings will stay with him forever.

Thomas loves his stocking!