Thursday, December 22, 2011

His first major award!

Thomas was the thrilled second place winner of the holiday art contest sponsored by our local newspaper, The Ashland Gazette. All of the students at St. Mary's preschool participated in the contest along with other local children. Below is part of the article featuring his explanation of the award winning art he is proudly displaying.

(photo, The Ashland Gazette, 12/22/2011)

"Thomas Spears, 5, was awarded second place in the younger group (ages 4 to 7) for his drawing of a “monkey Santa” and a Christmas tree, which were being blanketed by a colorful orange snow. His favorite animal is the monkey, he said, thus the unusual depiction of Santa Claus. The color of the snow, well that’s another matter.

Perhaps it was because Thomas experienced his first snow this winter. He was adopted from his native country of Ethiopia in July by Tom and Paula Spears of rural Ashland. Thomas thought the snow was “cold” but not too cold to keep him inside.
“I made a snowman,” he said with excitement. He also wanted to have a snowball fight, but unfortunately, there were no takers, according to his father.

Both second place winners were awarded a family meal deal from Breadeaux Pizza in Ashland."

(The Ashland Gazette, 12/22/2011)