Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello Kitty!

We live in a neighborhood development, but out in the country. Most of our neighbors are seasonal and aren't around much. So, we were a little surprised to find a tiny stray kitten crying piteously in the plantings up next to our house. Weirdly, I was just thinking the night before that it would be fun for the littles to have a kitten... then, pouf! one is deposited in our front yard!

She's very teeny, maybe four weeks old at a guess. I saw no mama or siblings around, but I suspect she is from a litter of feral/farm kitties. Tomorrow I will take her to the vet. She's not eating well and she has a little infection in her eye although she is healthy looking overall.

The children were overjoyed... both the bigs and the littles. We have named her Sylvia.


Hello, Kitty...meeting the other pets (minus one cat, Lucy).

It's a dream come true for Candace and Sarah!
They have wanted a kitten for a long time.

Reluctantly "snuggling" with Thomas

The littles built Sylvia a "house" with Barbie dollhouse furniture... Bridget checks it out.

Candace has been practicing her nurturing skills.