Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We have been in Ethiopia for four days now, but we have been having a lot of trouble accessing the internet and specifically emailing this site.  Sorry about the delay in posting!  We were able to visit the twins for the first time on Sunday.  We saw them as soon as the car pulled up to the building... so tiny!  It's hard to believe by looking at them that they are five years old.  We were swarmed by kids as soon as we got out of the car, and it was fun to see how many we recognized.  They were so surprised when we called them by name.  We took pictures of all the kids, passed out some care packages, played, played, played...  The twins were so proud to pass out suckers to all of the kids, it was really cute.  We decided to wait and bring the twins with us later in the week as sort of a transition.  On Monday we went back, and the twins were much more relaxed and themselves.  They called me mommy and Tom daddy and remembered Kenneth, Emily and Anna's names.  Our big kids played games with them and everyone was having such a great time.  This time there were tears when we left.  Very hard for us!  However, we came back after naptime bearing gifts of Barbies, and all was good again.  Tuesday we did some shopping before going back to the orphanage. Selam and Fikir were thrilled to see us, as were various other children that just love the attention of an adult.  So many beautiful children.  We were treated to some cute songs and dances by the kids and a coffee ceremony by the adults.  I thought the twins would be reluctant to leave their friends, but after suckers and hugs all around, they hopped right into the van as if to say "get moving!" Their first night with us went without a hitch... dinner, no problem; bath, check; bedtime, they slept like logs.  May this honeymoon last forever.  :)  I think we got pictures of all the kids.  Cara, I got lots of your boys together.  Gina, I am going to check the camera and make sure I got your baby and if not we'll go back and get some.  We have our embassy appointment today.  We are tired and ready to come home.