Monday, December 17, 2012

Sharing the wealth of the season

In 2011, Americans gave over $298 billion to support charitable organizations and causes.  While these organizations receive donations through-out the year, on average 41% of the money contributed comes in the final weeks of the year.  (Statistics courtesy of Charity Navigator)  If you are one of the many families looking for a special place to make a holiday donation, I have some suggestions of favorite charities that I encourage you to learn more about and support.

Because Every Mother Matters - Sada's House

If you have read my blog before, you have probably read about Because Every Mother Matters and the great work they do sponsoring impoverished mothers in Dessie, Ethiopia.  Another major project that BEMM has undertaken is Sada's House.  This home is a temporary haven for girls and young women who are the victims of human trafficking in Dessie, Ethiopia.  There are currently five girls ranging in age from 9 to 16 at the home.  Here they are fed, educated and loved as they are given a safe place to heal.  Ultimately, the plan is for them to be placed with foster mothers from the sponsorship program so that they can grow up in a loving family environment.

Even in Ethiopia, running a household is expensive.  Sada's House needs funding to remain open and provide hope and safety for our girls.  You can find Because Every Mother Matters on the web (click here) and on Facebook to contribute to this worthy cause.  Every dollar makes a difference.

Freedom a la Cart

You can help victims of sex trafficking right here in the United States too.  Freedom a la Cart employs survivors of sex trafficking and helps other victims through the profits of its mobile food and catering business in Columbus, Ohio.  They have big plans: to open a full-scale restaurant with future franchises to spread their message and rescue and restoration efforts across the country... big dreams that need some money to make them a reality.  You can read more about this great group and donate here.

Doma International - Hidota Health Center

One of the first big projects undertaken by BEMM was to partner with Doma to raise $15,000 needed to begin construction on a health clinic for women and children in Bora, Ethiopia.  The health clinic is almost complete now.  The clinic provides medical services to women and children in a remote area of Ethiopia that is not readily accessible by vehicles.  You can read about my husband Tom's recent trip with Doma to celebrate the grand opening of the Hidota clinic here.  Now that the clinic is up and running, there are weekly expenses to keep project going.  Doma is looking for families and individuals to become "care holders".  Each care holder sponsors the clinic for one week of operations... $840 as an annual gift or $70 per month.  Your picture will be displayed at the clinic during your sponsored week so that the people served by the clinic can know a little about their caring partners in the United States... pretty neat.  :)  You can watch a video about the care center and learn more about donating by clicking on this link.  You can also click on the Doma logo in the left column to learn more about this great group.

I hope you have been encouraged to include one or all of these worthy causes in your charitable giving this holiday season!

Happy Christmahanukwanzaka to all!