Monday, February 20, 2012

Normal stuff

I've been having trouble coming up with an interesting topic for a post... and guess what? I still don't have one! I think it may be because things are actually... NORMAL around here. Normal, as in very little drama beyond what most *average* families experience. Wow. I won't jinx it by pretending it will last.

Thomas has been learning to play by himself. He loves Legos and he also likes to play make believe games involving lots of weird noises that imitate gunfire. He really likes to play anything with his big brother Kenneth.

Thomas driving his Lego plane through the
fast food lane of the restaurant he made.

Thomas and Kenneth engage in an action packed
card game of war.

In other developments, Miss Sylvia Kittywhiskens has made it unscathed to a teen kitty. She is still mighty darn cute. Candace is very nurturing with her, which warms my heart. She also shows great patience with her, which is a miracle by most standards.

Sarah and Candace snuggling with a semi-cooperative Sylvia.

Finally, I have recently discovered at least one very strange thing going on at our house. Apparently, Lucy the cat is moonlighting as a ninja.

Lucy appears to be sleeping in the dog bed,
but she is ever vigilant with her weapon at the ready.