Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whip my hair back and forth

Candace and Sarah got a much needed trim on their hair yesterday. After the cut, stylist Jesus asked me if I wanted him to blow it out... my initial reaction was "heck, no!" There were two reasons for this: 1) I love their curls, and want them to love them, too; and 2) there is no way I can duplicate this style at home... just thinking about the potential for future breakdowns when I am unable to do so at their whim. In the end, however, I caved; but only after Jesus explained to them that this was special holiday hair for New Year's Eve and it would be gone once we washed their hair.

I have to admit, it was funny watching them run their fingers through their hair and toss their adorable little heads around. I will be ready for my little curly heads to reappear though.