Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A pleasant surprise!

Yesterday we got an unexpected gift... pictures of our twins! These photos are from late December, and we weren't expecting them at all. Emily didn't have school yesterday, and we spent a couple of hours poring over the photos and trying to decide which twin is which. It was very hard. They were dressed alike and if we had any questions about whether they are identical or not, they are gone! Definitely so!

It was good to see that they look happy, healthy and well cared-for. Lots of smiles from both girls! But boy, they are tiny little things!

My mom asked me yesterday if there was a reason I haven't put pictures of the twins on this blog, and the answer is "yes". For the privacy of the children, the Ethiopian government does not want pictures of the children posted on the internet where they can be seen by anyone. (Agency sites are password protected.) Any pictures will have to wait until after we pass court and they are legally ours.

So, counting down the days until court...