Friday, May 1, 2009

Travel plans

We finalized our travel plans today. Since the kids will be out of school and Tom is available, we are going to take a trip to Egypt before we go to Addis. We are leaving Omaha on May 24 and will stay overnight in Washington, DC before leaving on May 25 for Addis. From Addis we will fly to Cairo and spend three days touring Egypt. We will back in Addis on May 30, anxious to meet the twins on June 1. Everyone will fly home together Friday night, and we will be home in Nebraska by dinnertime on June 6. We're flying Ethiopian Air because the flights worked out the best and we got a really great price since we're flying on to Cairo. We've heard mixed reviews about the airline, so I'm hoping it all works out. Actually, I don't even care, as long as we get the twins home!