Thursday, September 2, 2010

A frustrating lack of progress

I haven't posted anything about the progress over our second adoption lately because there is nothing to report! (Hint: use of italics here indicates extreme frustration.) While we are very happy with our agency's excellent reputation and meticulous attention to detail, apparently the wheels of progress turn very slowly at this very large agency. We are waiting for our home study to be approved so we can send in our I-600A. Also, apparently we aren't allowed to be privy to the items needed for our dossier until our home study is approved. We know what goes in the dossier from completing our first adoption, but since different agencies tend to want things done in slightly different ways, I can't really get any of it done until we get the green light from CHSFS.

On our first adoption, we had all the paperwork done except for the I-600A approval about six weeks after the agency application was turned in. Clearly that is not going to happen this time. I hate feeling like I'm just sitting here twiddling my thumbs. :(