Friday, August 5, 2011

Different feet; same hearts

I was looking at the littles' feet the other day and thinking how there is no way that those feet look anything like mine:

My feet are vein-y and bony with weird shaped little toes. The twins' have long, narrow, almost elegant little feet. Thomas has feet like little planks... their sturdiness makes me laugh when I look at them. They're wide with short little toes.

Even if our skin matched, these feet would give us away.

But as I was looking at these feet the other day, I was thinking how it didn't matter that we don't share a single gene... my heart doesn't know the difference. And this is truly the miracle of adoption. There are lots of hard things surrounding any adoption under any circumstances. But there is also this miracle of love and the heart's boundless ability to love more and more. Our hearts can grow to love as much as we want them to.

Even if our feet don't match.