Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blog worthy, but not blogged about

I haven't been a good blogger for some time now.  Lots of reasons...many of them live beings that require an awful lot of time and attention.  I'm going to try to fix that; mostly for my own mental health...clearly, I need some kind of a creative outlet.  At any rate, there is a certain amount of housekeeping that I feel must occur, so that in the future a sixth or seventh child doesn't ask reproachfully why there are no pictures of them on my blog. I've already walked the 1990's version of that path.

So the following are some events that while certainly blog-worthy, didn't get put on the blog when they happened.

1.  Thomas's First Communion and Lisle's Baptism

Before Mass with Mom and Dad...looking very handsome.

Receiving the Holy Eucharist

Thomas with our pastor, Fr. Au.

Carlisle Fitsum Spears being baptized.  Godparents are best friend Bill and my sister Teresa.

 Lisle was very excited that he got to hold the burning candle.

2. Spring and summer sports-a-palooza

Lisle loves soccer.

 The obligatory participation award.  Lisle also loves medals.

 Candace and Sarah played softball again this summer.  They frequently played as a twin pitcher-catcher power duo.  They are both pretty good at either position.  And also first base.

End of season softball team photo.

 T-ball for Lisle.

Could he be any cuter in those pants?

 A kids' fun run with friends!

Ever the professional, Thomas is up to bat.  He was excellent in all positions.  Naturally.

3.  DeSmet, South Dakota and The Laura Ingalls Wilder tour

My sister Laura and I had a ridiculous amount of fun on this trip.
  We let the twins and her husband Richard tag along, too.

The twins thought washing clothes with this wringer and washboard was the most fun ever.
  They do not show this amount of enthusiasm for chores at home, strangely.

Kittens in the barn!

School is in session.

Playing Mary's piano at the Ingalls' house.

Solemn pioneers...the twins with Aunt Laura and Uncle Richard.

 Our visit included petting this friendly tiny horse.

Stay tuned for Blog Worthy, part 2!