Saturday, January 28, 2012


We have made Ethiopian food at our house several times since adopting the twins in 2009, and the food has always been good. Our downfall has been coming up with good, homemade injera. For Christmas this year, I got Tom an injera making kit from Village Thread. The kit came with a cute "Got Injera?" t-shirt, the ingredients for injera and the cookbook You Can Make Injera. I also bought Tom a cooker that I found recommended somewhere... it is a Silverstone Heritage Lesfe Grill and we bought it online at Target. The lid (which you need) is sold separately and you can order it directly from the company after you get your grill.

After carefully following the directions, Tom was able to make some darn good injera. It tasted just right. The hardest part was probably pouring it out and removing it from the pan. Tom watched the guest house cooks in Ethiopia make injera, and I think seeing how they did it was helpful.

Tom's injera

He also made a meat dish and a vegetarian dish to go with it.
It was all delicious!

The littles digging in... I'm always amazed how much
they eat on Ethiopian food night!

p.s. I think the injera kit from Village Thread was a seasonal item, but they have lots of other great Ethiopian items and the sales benefit two great charities... check them out!