Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making progress

I am almost scared to talk about it, as if by discussing it, something fragile will be accidentally broken into little pieces and scattered about for me to pick up...


... things are getting better. Easier. Dare I say quieter or calmer? Thank you, wonderful therapist Cathy, for helping Candace deal with her "mad brain" and her sadness. We are having fewer and fewer meltdowns, and they are much easier to redirect. Candace is more free with her affection toward all of us, but especially me. She actually came to me for comfort after hurting herself the other day.

Last week we were literally trapped in our somewhat rural house after a big snowstorm with subzero high temperatures swept through the area. Tom was in California, but all five kids and I were enjoying some forced togetherness Tuesday through Friday, as the plows hadn't made it out our way. The twins behaved so well! And miracle of miracles, they went to bed with no problem every single night last week. Every night!

I know that there is still a lot of progress to be made by all of us, but I think I am glimpsing the family Tom and I were hoping for. We so needed to see some progress...thank you, God, for the preview.