Thursday, August 28, 2014

Things are happening, but all I can do is wait

Wow, Labor Day is this weekend!  Fall is right around the corner.  These kids went back to school:

Candace and Sarah, 4th grade and Thomas, 2nd grade.

These girls moved to their own little house in Lincoln and the older one graduated with a master's degree and started a grown up teaching job.  And she got my first grandpuppy.

Emily and Anna on moving day.

Tom and I with our master's graduate, newly employed daughter Emily.

Emily and her baby Mia, who is huge.

Of course, oldest son is still living in Omaha, working and going to school.  Tom is working on about fifty things at once, both at home and at the business.

Kenneth is 25!  How did that happen?

Me?  I'm just...waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.

For my little guy to come home.  Yes, this seems to be the world's speediest international adoption, I know. We applied to adopt him in February and we have already passed court and likely the entire process will be over by October.  But gosh, once you see that face and hold that little body in your arms and hear that sweet little voice call you "Mommy"...the waiting is painfully hard.  Adding to my angst is the fact that our boy is the only child left in his transition home.  It's just him and a nanny, all day and all night.  How lonely he must be, and how scared!  I am not exaggerating that not five minutes go by without me thinking about him.  I nested like crazy before we headed off to court, and now I seem to have lost the will to perform productive actions of any kind.

Praying that the embassy and immigration people approve his case soon.  My family needs a functional mom.  :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Adoption update...surprise!

I haven't written much about our latest adoption.  There has been a lot to keep me occupied with my other six kids, and I have been in a blogging slump.  And we weren't really expecting anything much to happen until late this fall at the earliest.

Until two weeks ago...when our agency asked if we could be ready to appear in court in Addis Ababa on August 5th.

We said "yes".  Then scrambled like mad people to make it happen.

This is our son, Carlisle Fitsum Spears.

He is five and a half years old, and full of fun. 

 On August 5, 2014 the judge said that he is ours.

His Ethiopian name means "perfect", and he is.  We chose the name Carlisle to honor my dad, who passed away two and a half years ago.  We plan to call him Lisle.

He is ours and we are his.  Family.  We can't wait to bring him home to meet the rest of his forever family.