Saturday, September 10, 2011

Homecoming 2011

We had a busy weekend. First up, homecoming at AGHS. The festivities started on Friday at the end of the school day with the parade and pep rally followed by the evening football game.

Thomas briefly joins sister Anna and the rest of the spirit squad during the parade.

It's not a parade without a marching band.

Class float

Downtown pep rally

Anna and friend Jessica

You have to crown a king and queen...
congratulations Shayla and Braxton!

Cheering on the team!

Thomas waiting to release his balloon at the game...
the twins were off hanging with their friends.

Half-time dance performance

Saturday evening br0ught the big dance. Anna and her friends met at our house for pictures before going out to dinner and then on to the dance.

Anna and BFF Abbey

Anna with date Scott

The girls

And the entire squinty group!