Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home for one week

We've been through a lot in the last week, kind of like having a toddler only on fast forward. I bet I've said "No!" four thousand times. In fact, we have entire conversations with the twins using only the words "yes" and "no", something like this:

Twin points to object. "Mommy, yes?"
I say, "No."
Twin says, "No?"
I repeat, "No."

Once in awhile I get to say "yes" instead. :)

Candace and Sarah have opened every drawer and cabinet in the house at least ten times. They have banged enthusiastically on the antique piano in the basement and every computer keyboard they can find. After several days of eating anything we offered, they now sniff all of the offered food and turn up their nose at about 60% of it. No remote control is safe. Or camera. They are very possessive of their individual stuff. If we don't remember whose underwear is whose, they certainly will be happy to let us know.

They have learned a lot of words! Some favorites to hear are "I love you", "I'm sorry", "C'mon!" and "Yes, good!"

They don't like blood tests. After going to the doctor on Thursday, they reenacted the blood test experience on all family members that evening. They don't like dogs much, either, but they are getting better.

My birthday is next week, and they bought me some super sparkly earrings and a necklace which they told me about right away, so I got them early. They are a little fancy for my everyday wear, but that's okay.