Monday, January 25, 2010

Hair skills

I love the twins' curly hair. It is so soft and springy and just beautiful. I would love to leave it free every day. Alas, it becomes quite a matted mess after a few hours of rolling around on floors and furniture and sitting in their carseats... so most days we put it up. I've been trying to learn some different styles, but the girls aren't very nice about sitting for hours while I practice. However, I thought the one I did last night came out well. We did rolling twists with some fancy diagonal parts in the front and I put the pigtails in three little twists each.
The finished hairdo
Twists from the top
The side

The back

I finished it off this morning with some little ballies around the pigtails. It stayed in pretty well overnight, too. I had to redo some of the pigtail twists, but it was easy! It's not as elaborate as the styles on one of my favorite blogs, Happy Girl Hair, but it is pretty good for a beginner. :)