Monday, November 28, 2011

The holidays have begun!

We traveled to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving this year, our hometown and home of both sets of grandparents. In fact, my parents moved a couple of months ago, so they now live right around the corner from Tom's parents.  Although that seems like it would make visiting more convenient, this trip posed some new challenges. Firstly, although we have two large SUV's, you just can't fit eight people in an 8 passenger vehicle when there are three car seats involved. So we took two cars.  Secondly, we stayed in a nearby hotel, as our large family also overwhelms the small retirement community houses our parents live in.

We arrived in town Wednesday night and after quick hellos to the grandparents, settled down into our rooms at the hotel for some sleep.  Thanksgiving day was spent with the Spears family and Friday was at my sister Johanna's house with the Miles family.  Saturday we hit the road and were home again by dinner time.  It was sure nice to see everyone; the long drive for a short trip was worth it.
 Cousin Becky and boyfriend Rommel playing Yahtzee
with Candace and Thomas

 Kenneth, Emily and Anna with cousin Paul

 The Spears Family!

  Tom and his brother Andy... eyes on the football game.

 Sarah snuggling with cousin Libby.

 At the pool with my dear sister in law Linda.
  We're rarely photographed together since
we take all the pictures.

  Kenneth playing poker with cousins Noah and Dereck
and Uncle Colin while Candace and Grandpa observe.
 Kenneth explaining the fine points of the game to Candace.

 Candace reading with Aunt Johanna.

Thomas loves Anna!

Swimming with cousins Samantha and Allie and friend Hannah,
daughter of our college friend Elaine and her husband Chris.