Friday, September 10, 2010


I am a fretful person by nature. Here are some of the things I am fretting about right now:

  1. One of the twins seems to be having trouble making friends at school.
  2. Our home study still isn't officially approved by the placement agency.
  3. I can't mail the I-600A in without the home study
  4. I have a sad lack of social interaction with adults since we moved out to the country.
  5. I'm second guessing my new hair cut.
  6. One of my dogs is getting old and decrepit.
  7. There is entirely too much yelling going on at this house.

This is just a sampling. There are several other things that I just don't want to list on my blog. I am not sleeping well (nothing new) and have been having a lot of headaches. I am wishing that a lack of appetite would kick in because I could stand to lose a few pounds.