Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to school!

School started this week! In preparation for the big day, I took Sarah and Candace to the nail salon for pretty painted nails and then they went for a much needed trim to their hair. Here is Sarah rocking her blow-out and her Tacky For Africa headband:

Next up, back to school night to see the new classrooms and meet teachers. Candace is trying out her desk. She will be sitting by Jeris, who was in her preschool and kindergarten class also. I think they are destined to be together.

This Thursday was the big day for heading back to class for the twins. Thomas and I waited for the bus to drop them off at home after school, anxious to hear about their first day of first grade.

Finally, today was Thomas' turn! He was so eager to go to his afternoon preschool that he could hardly wait until lunch was over so he could go. Here he is posing in his new classroom! (Please ignore those extra arms he appears to have sprouted.)

After preschool we went and picked up the twins from elementary school. The young scholars posed for me on the front porch steps before running off to ride their bikes.