Friday, July 23, 2010

Some summer fun

These are some pictures from our trip to visit relatives in Indiana last month. We visited the fabulous Indianapolis Children's Museum with Grandma Spears, Aunt Johanna and cousin Meredith. If you are ever near Indianapolis, you should go! It is the world's largest museum for kids, and it is wonderful.
Twins, Daddy and Meredith hanging out with dinosaurs.

Sarah, Candace and big brother Kenneth in the Egypt display area.

The Barbie exhibit was super cool! My sister Johanna and I loved it; probably even more than our little girls did!

This is our family with my parents at their 50th anniversary celebration. Kind of a wacky photo, but the only one from the evening with everyone in it!

Anna and the twins playing in the wading pool at Grandma's house.


joven said...

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Cindy said...

Hey Paula!
So sorry...for some reason I thought I had already added you under CHSFS. Not quite sure what I was thinking there : )
Anyway..I have you added now and I look forward to reading about your new son!