Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Summer is winding down, school starts here in a couple of weeks... I love summer and hate to see it drawing to a close, but we were able to take my parents with us on a great vacation before we all get back into our school time routine. Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad. :)

Candace and Sarah saw the ocean for the first time.
My mom and my big kids.

Up close and personal with one of the famous Barbary Apes.


Jennifer said...

Looks like a smashing vacation! How nice to have your parents join you!
I love the braids! your work?? Very pretty!

Lori S said...

Fun times as summer comes to a close! Always hard to work around everyone's schedule, but so worth it!!

Kristen said...

I want to go on vacation w/ you guys!

How great it is that your parents could go with you! Seeing your Dad's face made me smile!

OK... so you and I need to figure out when a good time for me to come visit would be... I'm SERIOUS!