Sunday, August 14, 2011

Running with the big dogs

We are a pet loving family and we currently have two dogs and two cats. Our dogs are Boston terriers, which are rather on the small side. We also think they are too untrustworthy to be allowed down by the lake. So, it was quite a novelty this week when our good friends Heather and Abbey brought their very well-behaved dogs over to swim in our lake. Sidney is a lovable Newfoundland and Mabel is a goofy yellow Lab. Yep, these are big dogs!

Candace is a little nervous, so Abbey gives her a lift.
(That big stick in the foreground was the fetch toy!)

Abbey introducing Sarah and Thomas to Sidney.

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Kristen said...

Big Dogs indeed!
How's the weather your way? Cooling off at all? It's been wonderful here the last few days. I'm ready for fall (not winter)