Monday, July 18, 2011

The joy of firsts

One of the fun things about adopting an older international child is watching them enjoy their first time doing so many different things. A few things we have enjoyed with Thomas are: escalators, elevators, airplanes, riding a bike, riding a scooter, listening to an iPod, swimming, Wii, riding the jet ski and today, riding in our boat. Here are some pictures from our boat ride this evening, during which Thomas exuberantly exclaimed "I love boat!"

Sarah, Thomas and Candace

Captain Thomas gets an assist from Daddy


Kristen said...

Oh how a boat brings back memories of my younger days! ;)
What a delight Thomas must be! Cannot wait to meet him & see you and the littles!

PS: the word verification in order for me to post is the word "giver" - and that is so appropriate - YOU are such a wonderful GIVER! Love you!

alainaw30 said...

Sounds like fun is being had at the Spears household. Looking forward to seeing all of you...hopefully before school starts.

Me said...

LOVE IT! So glad he enjoyed the boat ride!