Monday, September 20, 2010

A glass of milk

I should know better than to post about the tempestuous nature of Candace's emotions taking a turn for the better. Yesterday, at dinner time, we had another set-back, all caused by this:

More specifically, caused by the unfortunate inability of the above pictured glass of milk to morph into this:

No, there was no strawberry milk in the house... not even any strawberry flavored syrup. A major meltdown was had, which managed to linger in a lesser form all the way through bedtime.

Actually, I was anticipating this meltdown. It had been brewing since bedtime on Saturday, when I read the girls a bedtime story that I thought they would enjoy: a lovely book called Yafi's Family, which is about an Ethiopian boy adopted by an American family. I thought the twins would enjoy hearing a story about a child like them. Alas, it hit too close to home, I think. Sad and angry feeling were dredged up, and we all got to experience the brunt of them.

I feel so stupid. And sad.


Gina said...

I think of you often with your girls. I have learned alot about the bonding issue as I read your blog. I am so sorry that this continues to be a process for you. You are doing a great job! Don't grow weary in doing good. :) I remember the pictures that you guys took for me of Yoseph. They are the first photos of him in my album. I will always remember you guys for those pics. Here he was dressed in a shirt that said "Shhhh...the princess is sleeping" That still cracks me up. Hang in there sister!

Kristen said...

Repeat after me... YOU AREN'T STUPID!

I am so sorry for these hurdles and continue to keep all of you in prayer. Did Sarah have the same reaction to the book?

There will continue to be growth and healing in their lives.

Love you bunches my friend!

Jennifer said...

I have Ethiopian books for my children also. Actually, I'd like them to remember more now when it's possible, rather than later when they aren't sure where it's all coming from and have hormones to deal with on top of it. Does that make sense? So maybe I'm stupid, too. (nah,forget it, neither of us are....we just love our girls!)

Becky and Naing said...

Sorry, you aren't stupid! Just human and so are the girls. Tomorrow will be better!

WildFlowers said...

stupid? Not!!
it is human to try things out and see what works. i feel those books are Good to have! they may have just been having one of those days. you never can really know with anyone whats going on until they reveal it over the course of the journey. hang in there. trial and error. you are doing great! love the pic of the milk by the way... no strawberry milk !!! omg, what kind of parent doesnt have exactly what their child demands on hand at.all. times!!LOL. See, it is just a tantrum thing. they will learn to appreciate that you are mommy and that Milk is not that big of a deal. give it a few years, lol.

great post! thanks for sharing it.