Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Candace and Sarah started pre-K today. They were very excited and have been counting down the days for two weeks. Here they are with their bag of school supplies. They had a great time at school and each told me they did a "good job!"

We also had a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Miles (visiting from Indiana) and our local cousins. We got to go out on the boat a few times, which the girls love. Daddy let each of the girls have a turn at the helm. Sarah did a lot of posing on board; she likes to have her picture taken.
Last but not least, a picture of the twins after their bath. They love bath time and they love their fuzzy pink bath towels.


Emily said...

Hahaha I posted Sarah's top model pictures on facebook. She's so funny. Also I like your fall background. When were those boat pictures taken? I was definitely not there... Anyway I'm glad the twins had fun at school. I'll continue stalking the blog for pictures. (It's a great way to procrastinate homework...like the math I should be doing right now...)

Jen Stutzman said...

I just love reading the updates,it makes me so happy to see them home. When we come home for the holidays I sure hope we can work out a time to get together.

Becky and Naing said...

They are so sweet. I'm so glad the first day of school went well!

Jennifer said...

Our girls did it! First day of preschool a success! Yay for them and yay for us!

Kristen said...

Emily... get going on that homework! :)
Paula... so glad the girls are doing so well! I am sure they are loving school!
How's mama doing?

Bennett said...

awwww!!! they look so sweet!

I hope they were able to adjust and had a wonderful first day at school