Sunday, August 30, 2009

A good family

Yesterday we had a visit with our social worker, Michelle, so she can prepare our first post-placement report to be sent to Ethiopia. It's been almost three months since we came home with Candace and Sarah. We have had trying times, fun times, sad times, hard times and loving times. We're all learning to be a different family than the one we were prior to June. It's not perfect, but it's a good family. :)

Here are some pictures I took today when Anna and I were playing outside with the twins.

Sarah and Candace on our beach
Candace on the trampoline

Anna, Sarah and Candace

Candace, Mommy and Sarah
Umm, it was a make-up free day, don't hold it against me.


Jennifer said...

Three months home and all is well! So glad to hear how everything comes together. Your own beach? I'd love one of those!!
Cute, cute pics!

Amber said...

They are just precious! I love it!

Emily said...

Hey Mom
Way to update the blog so you don't lose your fan base;) outfits? They're cute. Is it weird that I have their entire wardrobe memorized...? Anyway, they're hair has gotten SO long! I can't wait to see you all this weekend! Also I like Anna's hair.


Anonymous said...

thank you emily i find it rather delightful myself. I can't wait for you to return to the family homestead so you can see it for real!

Cindy said...

Hi Paula, I stumbled onto your blog yesterday, probably about the same time you stumbled onto mine! Your girls are adorable! I LOVE identical multiples, they totally crack me up with all their mimicking of one another. Seems I keep seeing beautiful Ethiopian twin girls about the age of your girls on many blogs these days. And I keep thinking, these lucky mamas, where can I get me some?! I kid, our hands are full, but it looks lovely! :)

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

OH, yes, you are a good family. Reality is that it is tough work, but I can see that you are up for it!!!


Oh, and I am a Good Will junkie, good thing I didn't have identical twins, it would have been awfully hard to find matching outfits at a thrift store.

Bennett said...

Paula don't worry a/b the makeup look beautiful!!!!

the pics are lovely of the girls

how is it going?

I showed the girls the pics of them and the twins when you visited and their faces lit up w/excitement, amazing how they can still recall all their friends. Maybe when I get them home the twins can speak w/them on the phone or maybe we will just have to come and visit the twins????

Kristen said...

I love make-up free days!

Ups and downs, highs and lows... fun and tears... all makes for a wonderful life! You all look darling!