Monday, September 10, 2012

In a land far, far away...

The littles have recemtly discovered a new favorite play spot. At the top of a hill, our neighborhood has a tennis court. There are trees all around and a pretty little gazebo. Because most of our neighbors are a) seasonal and b) without young children, the place is usually deserted. It's not far away; maybe two suburban blocks, but I have only recently let the kids mosey down there on their own. This is because I can't see it from our windows, so I can't tell what they might be doing... but I finally trust the twins enough to follow some basic rules (rule number one: don't go anywhere else without telling us) so that they can go together. Thomas can go with them, but he is definitely not trustworthy on his own yet.

Downside for me: I have to go get them when I want them to come home, because they can't see or her me from there. So this evening, I took my camera when I went to call them home. I was a little surprised and quite pleased at all the fun they were having in their special spot.

The first thing I found them doing was playing tennis, Candace and Sarah vs. Thomas.  They look much more skilled in these photos than they are in real life.  :)

Sarah running for the ball.

Thomas watching his shot go over the net.

Candace gives the ball a whack.

They had a picnic snack at this gazebo, which they call their playhouse.

They showed me how high they could climb this old cottonwood tree.

To the littles, it's a world away, but if you walk through the trees at the top of the hill, you can still see home, sweet home.

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