Friday, September 21, 2012

Friends in real life

The littles with Bobby dog and new friend Dimples.

One thing that I love about blogging and the internet is getting to know people from all over... even if you've never actually met in "real life". But something I love even more is when I get to meet one of my cyber acquaintances in person. This past week, we hosted a lovely family as they traveled to Nebraska to pursue EMDR therapy for one of the daughters in the family. EMDR therapy is one of the therapies that Candace and Sarah have had through the Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska, where they meet with Cathy the Wonder Therapist.  Lisa, Russ and daughter K. (known online as "Dimples") came all the way from Idaho for a week of intensive work with the staff at ATCN.  You can read more about that on Lisa's excellent and informative blog One Thankful Mom.  Lisa has been generously sharing her knowledge on parenting children from hard places for several years now... I know we are just one family that has benefitted from her wisdom and openness.

So... may I admit that finally getting to meet her was for me very much the way some people must feel when they meet a Hollywood celebrity?  Yeah, I was that excited.  And all three of our guests were lovely people; a pleasure to have in our home.  Also, the littles loved Dimples, and I believe the feeling was mutual.  They had a great dynamic during the entire visit.

I think I can safely say that we are now "friends in real life".  I hope to be able to visit Idaho some day and will be delighted if Dimples and family make it out our way again.

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One Thankful Mom said...

We are definitely friends in real-life! Thank you for hosting us and giving us a beautiful place to rest. And super thanks for cooking us dinner every night. You and Tom blessed us so much.