Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ethio-adoptive families at the beach!

 This Saturday, we hosted a get together at our house for local area families with children adopted from Ethiopia. We have met some of these families before, at a previous gathering, and some are new friends. The weather was hot and sunny, but the water was refreshing, the food was tasty and the fellowship was outstanding. Thomas was thrilled beyond words to have so many little boys to frolic around with! Candace and Sarah enjoyed playing "big girl" to some of the littles, and making friends with some of the older siblings. A great day was had by all... hope to make it an annual event!

Ethio kids!
Sarah and a new friend.

 The twins help out a new buddy on the boogie board.

Thomas loved sampling the flotation devices
 brought by others.  :)


alainaw30 said...

Any other families I know?

Diane Larson said...

So jealous! Wish we could have attended. We have hosted a few gatherings, but I keep hoping someone else will step up:) So it has been awhile.

Jen Stutzman said...

I so wish we could of been there!!

Andrea said...

What a great idea! It looks like you guys had a great time!