Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Water fun and more!

We have been blessed with some lovely summer-like weather lately, which prompted this evening of water fun with the hose.

Candace ambushes her siblings at the end of the bridge.

Fishing in a storage bin.

Yesterday the twins had their first softball practice of the season. This is their first time playing any organized team sport and they were pretty excited. They are lucky to have several of their good friends on their team, and Coach Ally is their buddy Ava's mom.

Playing some catch to get started.

Sarah gets some pointers on catching from Mr. Coach Ally.

Candace working on her throwing form with Coach Ally.
Finally, today was track and field day at A-G Elementary. The events were eclectic; featuring traditional favorites such as the 50 meter dash, as well as lesser known pursuits such as the shoe kick; where one flings one's loosened shoe off while delivering a high kick.

Sarah competes in the long jump.

Candace in the timed side to side jump.

Candace and friends wait for the next event.

Candace and Sarah with their hard won ribbons.

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