Monday, May 21, 2012

Pomp and Circumstance at AGHS

Anna graduated yesterday... the youngest of my bigs; she was my baby for fifteen years. Hard to believe she is on her way to college and adulthood. The ceremony was our first in Ashland, and we really loved the hometown feel. Congratulations, AGHS graduates of 2012!

Anna receives her honor cords to go with her National Honor Society hood and all-conference academic award.

Receiving her diploma

Moving her tassel

Hats off!

Anna with BFF Abbey

Senior besties Daryl, Kenzie and Anna

The graduate with the littles.

The family, minus Emily who was changing her shoes.

Anna and the grandparents.

Anna and big brother Kenneth


The proud parents of the graduate. :)


Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Anna! Three down, three to go, Paula!

Sha Zam- said...


Andrea said...

Congrats, Anna!

And your family is beautiful.

Crazy mom said...

Sweet moments! Congratulations to Anna!