Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ethiopia bound!

Today I will be aboard an Ethiopian Airlines jet on my way to Addis Ababa with some friends both old and new. We will be working on several projects for Because Every Mother Matters... delivering the 4X4 ambulance to Mareya, bringing chickens to the villagers, visiting with the sponsor moms, providing midwifery training and working on getting the new safe house ready. Plus, I'm sure we'll squeeze in some fun and fellowship.

Tom will be blogging about his stay at home dad experience and also posting updates about our trip on Facebook. See you when I get back!


Diane Larson said...

Wow! Totally jealous. Wish I would have known about the trip!

Charity Roach said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip! Looking forward to reading your husband's blogs about the SAHD experience!

Andrea said...

I am jealous! Friend me on Facebook please!!