Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Arts and sciences

While Candace was basking in her laurels as a celebrated young author, Sarah and Thomas were collecting major awards in the fine arts. The Ashland Junior Women's Club sponsors a fine arts festival, and many of the local children had artwork displayed, as well as artists from around the area. Sarah received a purple ribbon, the highest award, for her drawing of a city street.

Sarah's artwork

Sarah really enjoys painting and drawing, so it was fun for her to receive some recognition for her work. The preschool aged children receive participation ribbons for their efforts... Thomas once again opted for the self-portrait, this time featuring a many-armed version of himself.

Thomas' self-portrait of himself in a parallel dimension.

Today, science got mixed into the excitement as Candace found a fossilized shell somewhere in our yard. She was excited when she thought it was an ordinary shell; she was thrilled that it was an ancient fossil!

The young paleontologist displays her find.

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