Monday, February 27, 2012

Moms' weekend

I had a lovely time Friday night and Saturday with our beautiful oldest daughter Emily. It was Moms' Weekend at her sorority. I have never been able to come before because I couldn't take the time away from the twins. This year, the neediness level has decreased and the timing was right.

On Friday night, we went out to a Mexican place for dinner and then back to my hotel, where we relaxed in the hot tub for awhile before going upstairs to watch TV. It was nice to just have time to chat with my sweet girl.

On Saturday, AOII moms and daughters gathered for lunch at a nice restaurant.

Isn't Emily pretty?

After lunch we headed to the sorority house for a gift basket auction fundraiser. Moms donated gift baskets with various themes and then they were auctioned off with the proceeds going to the house. There were lots of creative baskets and a live auctioneer!

My contribution was an Ethiopian coffee themed basket.

After dessert, I took Emily shopping and then headed home in time to tell the kids good night. It was a very nice little trip for me.

In other "mom" news, I am getting very excited to meet my BEMM sponsor mom, Saba, when I travel to Ethiopia next month. I ordered these necklaces from Funky Fish Designs, one for each of us. I hope they will help us to feel connected when I return home after our trip.

Matching necklaces for moms who live a world apart.


Diane Larson said...

We visited Iowa State this weekend too! Was Emily involved with Varieties? Jake won for best cameo:) So that was really fun! What is your trip to Ethiopia? We are going in June.

Paula said...

I actually wondered if you would be there... I should have contacted you! Emily was varieties chair, but they got disqualified... for a stupid reason. Last year they did really well. Anyway, congrats to Jake. I'm going to Ethiopia in March with Because Every Mother Matters. It will be my fifth trip to ET and my second trip with BEMM.

Paula said...

Oops, not disqualified... my bad. Sorry Emily.