Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Indiana Jones

One thing that can be difficult for kids who have spent time in an institutionalized setting is creative play. Thomas sometimes has difficulty amusing himself without direction from a parent or one of his sisters, so I am always happy when I discover him immersed in some game of his own making. Today, our young adventurer was practicing his skill with a "bullwhip" he made himself with a flute cleaning rod and a long piece of leftover fleece fabric.

The young Indy and his trusty whip.

Crack it!

Another family skill learned... pets are fun to cuddle.


kareydk said...

I've heard that our children often come home with that skill, and are flabbergasted that American kids have no clue....It did take a lot of patience, putting toys away and bringing them back out a month later (sometimes over the course of several months) to get T to the point of being able to play well. However, drawing was a hit from the beginning. But even that he had to learn. Consider a home that has no paper and no writing implements. Learning how to color in a coloring book took much longer than just drawing on a blank piece of paper.

abbie said...

I'm sorry, but when I saw the caption about Cracking that whip, Devo began singing in my head...just what I need. LoL
Your family is adorable. Not sure I'm gonna let my boys have a whip any time soon.