Saturday, September 24, 2011


On Thursday morning, we were surprised by a town wide power outage... extending to the greater Ashland metropolitan area, where we live. The result: no school! It was a gorgeous fall day, so we spent the day at the world-class Henry Doorly Zoo in neighboring Omaha.

Thomas, Anna, Sarah, Abbey and Candace pose on the lion statues near the entrance.

Peering through the spherical window into the gorilla habitat.

Mama gorilla with her baby.

Anna, Thomas and Abbey on the Skyfari.

In the cave exhibit... Thomas was a little nervous.


Hanging out in the canopy at the rainforest.

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alainaw30 said...

Looks like you had more fun than we did...we had breakfast at the truck stop in Greenwood, then I dumped Dayna at a friend's house and went to work...